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Kentucky American Legion Press Association

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Information about NALPA Media Awards Contest 


KALPA 2014 Best Papers Contest Rules

Please read and follow the rules carefully.

Best Papers Categories


Post - Category 1-A

Unit - Category 1-B

SAL - Category 1-C


Post, Unit, SAL - Category 2-A   


Category 3-A Original Efforts of Editor
Category 3-B Guest Editorial

Competition Year

Papers and editorials submitted must have been issued / published between May 1, 2013 and April 30, 2014.

Basis of Judging

Newspapers will be judged on: Content (Legion, Auxiliary, SAL, as appropriate); clear, concise and balanced writing; make-up; design and appearance; use of photos and illustrations.

Websites will be judged on: local information, site design, links, appropriateness of information, and attractiveness.

Editorials will be judged on: headline and lead arousal of interest; clear, concise and imaginative writing; research and grasp of subject; timely and appropriate objectives suitable to publication.

Entry Instructions

- Must be current member of KALPA (Kentucky American Legion Press Association). Application

- For categories 1, submit three (3) papers, one each of three separate issues.

- For category 2, submit the electronic address for your website.

- For category 3 submit only one (1) editorial. Send entire paper or tear-sheet containing the editorial, and date of issue. 

For all newspaper and editorial entries, an identifying cover sheet must be submitted, to include the following information, typed or printed neatly:

a. Name and Number of Post, Unit or Squadron.
b. Full address of Post, Unit or Squadron.
c. Name of Publication.
d. Frequency of Publication.
e. Average circulation number.
f. Name, mailing address, phone number of Editor.
g. Name, mailing address, and phone number of entrant, if other than Editor.

For Website entries:

a. Name and number of Post, Unit or Squadron.
b. Full address of Post, Unit or Squadron.
c. Address of website.
d. Name, mailing address, phone number of Web Master.

Entry Fee

An Entry Fee of $5 for each entry must accompany the submission. Entry fee can be paid by check payable to KALPA.

Entry Deadline

Entries must be postmarked not later than May 1, 2014, and mailed along with entry check to: 

Parvin Gibbs
42 Comer Drive
Madisonville, KY 42431 

Please mark the lower left corner of your mailing envelope: "CONTEST" and indicate the entry category for judging. (e.g. 1-A; 3-B; etc.)

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