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P.O. Box 2123, Louisville, KY, 40201

Kentucky American Legion



Kentucky Legionnaire Newsletter


The Kentucky Legionnaire is published three times a year:  October, January and April of each year.  

Deadlines for submission to the Legionnaire are:

                          Fall Issue -          August 14th
                          Winter Issue -     December 6th
                          Summer Issue -   April 13th  
Please submit your article electronically in either Microsoft Word or in PDF format.  All submissions should be sent to the Dept. Adjutant at  Please submit pictures as attachments to your email - Do not imbed pictures in your email message. 
Deadlines are strictly enforced.


Kentucky Legionnaire 

Past Issues                                 

Winter Issue 2017                        Winter Issue 2018   

Spring Issue 2017

Fall Issue 2017


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