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P.O. Box 2123 -, Louisville, KY

Kentucky American Legion


The American Legion

Department of Kentucky


 Schedule of District Meetings for 2014 / 2015

Click here for the schedule of district meetings


Click for schedule of post meetings and officers by post: 

District 1  District 2  District 3  District 4  District 5  District 6 

District 7 District 8  District 9  District 10  District 11


Please notify Peggy Reese or Marlene Wyatt at Department

Headquarters if any district information needs to be

updated or changed. 

Call (502) 587-1414 or email at:



Please also notify the Department Public Relations Officer

to update the Department Internet Website for

District and Post content

Department Public Relations Officer:  Mike Moses -- -- (859) 817-9237

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